Farlow Media




Facebook is the largest social media platforms being used today. We will create your account from the ground up, or help guide you with your current account. If you choose to stop there, and take over the page duties, that's great! However, Farlow Media has to option to continue assisting with scheduled postings and updating information. (Posts can be scheduled as much, or as little as you see fit). Promotional offerings can also be listed as well!



With average of 60 million photos uploaded per day. Instagram is the second largest Social Media Platform on the internet, and is say to only grow as time goes on. Although you can not schedule a post, we will still work with you on what you would like to share and when to keep ahead of your competitors. 



300 hours of video is uploaded to youtube every minute. We will help you start to create your online video media library by making new content, as well as taking the content you have. We then turn your channel into something that will help you drive business as well as grow business for the years to come.